Mrs. Clawson’s 8th grade foods class, will soon be in the kitchen and out of their desks! The students will be starting their cooking labs and the halls will be filled with delicious aromas. Mrs. Clawson’s Facs Basics class will be learning to sew, and making aprons. These students are not so much as excited to sew as they are to get into that kitchen when they are finished sewing! The Child Development and Parenting students will be receiving babies! (No not real babies!) Some of the students that have received babies are Meagan and Rashel who both had twins; Miguel, who is the proud student father of a delightful baby boy! Mrs. Clawson’s Careers Class will also be doing fun, educational activities such as learning how to tie a tie! Congratulations to Mrs. Clawson for having such fun, and educational classes that will most definitely help her students in their futures